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The Goddess is Calling You to Her Path.

Will you answer her?

Join Goddess Mentor Isis Jade for an intimate journey to reconnect with your Sacred Feminine Power, reclaim your Divine Identity and awaken as the legendary feminine force of nature you were always meant to become. 

Goddess Wisdom® is based on Isis Jade’s over 30 years in study and practice, forming the Golden Spiral Teachings that follow the Sacred Journey of Regression, Remembrance,  Reawakening, Rebirth, & Royal Return of the Goddess to her Divine Reign.

This work is deeply rooted in ancient secret principles that go back over 10,000 years.

The journey is designed to guide you home to your rightful place.  

As a priestess and mentor for women around the world, Isis works with both ancestry and akashic wisdom to blend ancient and modern Goddess Principles drawing from her vast knowledge and experiences. 

Her Studies have taken her around the world to learn from great teachers in Voudon,  Shamanism, Vamachara Tantra, Pagan, Hindu, Tantric, Native American, Celtic, Nordic, African and Egyptian goddess practices.  

How Goddess Wisdom® Will Change Your Life.

“Everything that we need to heal and transform our lives is already within us. We arrived on earth fully capable of becoming our chosen destiny. Our job is to activate our Goddess Wisdom and liberate ourselves to embody the wild, divine force of nature we are called to be.”

I went searching for my healing in therapy. When that didn’t work, I sought answers in spiritual materialism and fluffy bunny New Age teachings. When that didn’t work, I buried myself in science, my consulting and codependent relationships. When those failed, I hid in churches and temples. When patriarchal belief systems failed me, I became a political activist. When  I realized all we succeeded in doing was becoming addicted to drama, fighting and anger but nothing was changing, I threw in the towel. It was then that I started coming back full circle. I began my journey as an intuitive child. So I chased down wiccan teachers, readers, seers, shamans, tantric gurus, and spiritual healers around the world.

I’ve made all the mistakes. I’ve challenged all the belief systems, broken many paradigms along the way. 

Perhaps you can relate to feeling like you are chasing, running, fighting, seeking, searching, and continually coming up short. 

None of those experiences gave me what I needed… the wisdom to heal and reclaim myself from a history of trauma and abuse… as a woman. 

Then one day, I stopped running. I stopped chasing distraction and ignoring my pain. I began the deep work of reclaiming my sovereignty and sacred lineage. I broke apart the lies I bought into that kept me fighting, chasing, running away, feeling broken, stuck and enslaved.

TRUTH set me free. And TRUTH became the foundation for the work I do with women worldwide today.

There is Tremendous Healing & FREEDOM when you choose to Embrace TRUTH. 

The Divine Path of Goddess Wisdom® is a journey. I guide you along this journey with practical, transformational experiential programs, courses and workshops designed to give you back everything you thought you lost. Here you will find a community that will nourish your soul, heal your heart and break apart the lies that held you back so long while you laugh, cry and cultivate a deep intimate relationship with yourself and women who love, accept and hold you in sacred space.

This is the finest and most powerful training and journey of transformation I can possibly offer you. It is based on my own journey from trauma to triumph and the mistakes I made along the way, so you don’t have to make the same mistakes.

If I can reclaim my Goddesshood after experiencing inhumane torture at the hands of a drug and human trafficker who tried to sell me to an arms dealer from Dubai, ANY WOMAN CAN. 

It takes great power, courage, perseverance, and strength to heal and reclaim yourself.

To become the woman you were meant to be. 

Goddess Wisdom is designed to provide you with essential life skills and spiritual tools needed to foster feminine sovereignty, power, success, relationship rebirthing, inner healing, and personal transformation. You may follow the Goddess Wisdom Path in the comfort of your home, any time or you may work with me privately or in our groups. 

My mission is to help you create a life of true divine “ease and grace” resulting in healing trauma, reclaiming your divinity, value and worth, serving and succeeding at your highest level as you experience deeper intimacy, peace and joy.

You won’t always like what I have to say. Truth can be very difficult to hear, especially when it conflicts directly with paradigms and belief systems you invested in for so long. 

13 Lunar Power Centers Unique to a Woman’s Energy System.

I will show you exactly how powerful your feminine energy system really is.
You will learn how to reclaim and own your power and energy fully.

I guarantee you’ve never been taught this before. If you’ve practiced yoga, meditation or Tai Chi, or you’ve done some spiritual work in the past, you understand the very basics about breathwork, chakras and energy but you were not given the whole truth.

Goddess Wisdom will help you to unlock your energy system, activate your core as you discover your true and unique purpose. You’ll learn priceless Goddess principles you have not been exposed to before.

You will discover the secrets gurus don’t want you to know as a woman.  
Your beliefs will be challenged so you can awaken to who you truly are, within.

I wouldn’t be the kind of powerful mentor and guide for you if I didn’t have the courage to challenge and question everything.

Whatever is considered “status quo” I challenge. Whatever is believed to be “common sense” I will upend.

You will be brought to your knees in tears.

You will be broken wide open so the poison in your mind can be purged.

You will be reborn through fire and you will rise as the woman you were meant to be.

The freedom you will gain as a result of the journey is limitless.

I will give you the keys to unlock everything that has held you back so you can reclaim your throne and reign supreme

Priceless Feminine Wisdom you will find nowhere else in the world.

You may choose to work through the course of study & practice in our monthly group coaching programs or as a solitary practitioner.  From there you can study to become a certified practitioner, coach, teacher, healer, or join the Goddess Wisdom Mystery School and become a priestess.

Wherever you choose to be on the Goddess Wisdom Path of Ease and Grace, you will learn about your mind, body, energy field and soul in an inspired way. You will build on what you know and experience expansion of consciousness, inner peace, and more love, joy, fulfillment and peace than you could ever imagine.

If you have been looking for a genuine path of feminine spiritual empowerment and Divine grace, a loving community, Goddess Wisdom® may be what you are seeking.

However, if you this path isn’t for you if you have a limited belief that Goddess Wisdom is evil or “not of god”,  satanic in origin, or some other such nonsense. The Sacred Goddess is the Feminine Principle of Creative Source. YOU are sacred. YOU are divine. YOU were created in HER image.
YOU and The Goddess are one. 

Remember, what you are seeking is seeking you.

No matter how far you run, you will always encounter yourself. 

Isn’t it time to reclaim Your Lineage? Isn’t it time to reign supreme in your life with ease and grace?